New features

Updates to Overview, Engagement, Viewers + Past Streams

10 months ago

1) Overview, Viewers and Engagement tabs receive a face lift! 🐷

The goal of the redesign is to make it easier for you to find the key information, while making the "nice-to-have" metrics less distracting.  


2) Use full-text search on your titles and tags in Past Streams! 🔎🕵️


3) Filter streams based on the games and stream length! ⌛️🎮


🐛 Some of the bug fixes:

- Only one Side Menu section now expands at the time.
- Side Menu now shows a scroll bar for super-tiny-miiiiny screens.
- Fixed a bug where negative numbers in Content Breakdown were creating floating lines.
- Fixed a bug inside the detailed view of Unique Chatters card on Engagement.
- Hidden the Twitter views card from Home Dashboard.
- Fixed a bug in the detailed view of Emotes card on Engagement.
- Added number formatting in Growth tab Followers bar.


❓❔❓ Coming soon...❓❔❓

We've also secretly added a big new feature which you can't see yet 😝

Rolling out in the upcoming days, can you guess what is it?!