New features

Mobile UI Improvements!

1 year ago

Introducing Mobile UI improvements to StreamBee! 🤠🤳

Using StreamBee on your smartphones should be now more enjoyable than ever!

💑 We now fit 2 cards in a row
🔄 All charts are optimized for landscape view
🫣 The tabs sub-navigation now automatically hides
🌳 The "View details" view has been reworked
🏓 Tables with data now have horizontal scrolling
👉 Introducing horizontal swiping for labels and tags
😈 We now bully you into rotating your phone
👩‍🔬 A research has shown it's 73% more fun to use now

See the examples below:

Have you used StreamBee on your phone yet? If not definitely check it out and let us know your experience. We're always eager to hear your feedback and suggestions on our Discord server 💛