New features

Long-Term Twitch Analytics

1 year ago

Introducing the new Twitch Growth dashboard! ðŸ“ˆ

You can access this new Dashboard through the "Growth" on the side menu and clicking on the "Twitch" tab at the top.

The features include:
ðŸŒē A whole new dashboard with 6 new charts
ðŸĨĩ Access data for the past 180 days
ðŸĪŊ Unique metrics such as New Viewers, Average Watch Time, Bounce Rate, Lurkers and much more!


2ïļâƒĢ Engagement charts!

💎 Analyze your chat activity through Chat messages and Unique chatters over 180 days.
💅 Review the distribution of your chatters activity, ranging from Lurkers (0 messages) to Super chatters (100+ messages) for all your streams in the past 180 days.


3ïļâƒĢ Viewers charts!

👀 Analyze your Hours watched, Avg CCV, Peak CCV and Views over 180 days.
ðŸĪ See your viewer loyalty breakdown (New Viewers vs Casual Viewers vs Regular Viewers).
🚊 Study how streaming longer impacts your Avg watch time and Bounce rate.


1ïļâƒĢ Growth chart!

😊 Discover your growth and Followers per hour over the past 180 days.



... Navigation in between the streams

ðŸĶ˜ Jump in between the previous and next streams
⚖ïļ compare streams side to side
ðŸŽŊ the buttons send you to the same dashboard and scroll down to the exact same position
âŒĻïļ you can also use your J/K keys on the keyboard

Pro tip: load your streams first and then start jumping in between them for the ultimate smooth and super-fast experience.


Updates to the Home Dashboard! ðŸĄ

🗓ïļ You can now edit your Monthly Hours Streamed Goal
📊 Added some new charts to Home Dashboard for comparing your last 5 streams


New Login screen! ðŸ–ąïļ

💙 It's blue.


Other minor UI updates:

ðŸĪ Changed the dimensions of charts and bars to make them fit all the sizes of screens comfortably
ðŸŽĻ Minor changes to the Past Broadcasts table


Lastly an apology. We've experienced 2 rocky weeks where the server stability caused many streams to be recorded inaccurately and gave you lots of CRAZY ðŸĪŠ data.

While this has been now resolved, our team continues to work on further improvements. Love u, pls forgive us 💛🐝