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New Home Dashboard

1 year ago

Introducing the new Home Dashboard! 🏠

A new place where you land after you open StreamBee. This is your new safe space, your personal dashboard and your motivational shrine.  Our goal was to use the data to keep you motivated, committed and inspired.

The features include:
🌎 See your total follower count across all platforms
🔥 Track your streaming streaks
⏱️ Set up your monthly streamed hours goal
🏆 Discover your record-breaking streams
📊 Track your weekly views across all platforms

PS: The ability to edit your Monthly Goal is coming soon 🚧


Share your streams using this feature! 🤩

If you scroll down a bit further you can find this awesome visualization of your last stream's data. You can either download this as an image (vertical or horizontal) or in case you're using StreamBee on your phone, take advantage of the native share functionality on both Android and iOS.

Use cases:
- Share your stream on Twitter
- Share your stream on Insta Stories
- Share your stream on Discord
- Share your stream in YouTube Community Posts

PS: Make sure to tag us when sharing this for some extra engagement. We would love to RT some of your cool streams! ❤️  


Quick summary of your last 5 streams! 🏃

+ There are some charts for an easy comparison coming later this week  🔜


3 Growth tips! 💡

Every week you can find here some of the best streaming advice videos, new things to try out or any important news. Top 3 things you should watch & read every week, curated by our team. 💛


So what are you waiting for? Go share your amazing stream with the world! 🙌