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Twitch Subscriber Analytics

1 year ago

Introducing Twitch Subscriber Analytics! 💸

The most detailed insights about your Twitch subscribers. There's a lot to talk about so let's dive in!

Including 4 new dashboards, packed with features:
🌎 Audience insights
🤑 Conversion rates
❤️ Top Financial Supporters CRM
😢 Subscriber Churn analytics


1) The Audience dashboard 🌎

This StreamBee dashboard will provide you with detailed demographics and insights about who are your Twitch subscribers, what connects them and allow you to better understand your fan base.

How long have your fans have been subscribed for?
- Based on their current subscription streak
- Based on their total cumulative subscription length

How long have do your Subscribers known you for?
- Follow-age of your current subscribers

What Games did your fans Subscribe for?
- Breakdown of your streamed games + subscriber counts per

How often do your Subscribers watch?
Data about how many streams have your subs watched in the past 30 days


2) Conversion Rates dashboard 🤑

Understand how successful are you at converting and monetizing your audience. Discover how valuable Gifted or Prime subscriptions actually are for you. StreamBee has built a new Twitch conversion rates analytics dashboard.

1️⃣ Prime subs renewal rate
What percentage of your Prime Subscribers renews every month?

2️⃣ Gifted subs renewal rate
What percentage of your Gifted Subscribers converts to paying subscribers each month?

3️⃣ New follower to subscriber conversion rate
How many of your new followers convert to subscribers within 7, 30, 60 & 90 days after following?


3) Top Financial Supporters CRM Dashboard ❤️

Conveniently track your top supporters at one place. This dashboard will help you understand who are your "whale" supporters, whenever they are slipping away or continue to be the core of your awesome community.

- Top Bits Donators
- Top Sub Gifters


4) Twitch Subscribers Churn Analytics 😢

We help you understand why your subscribers might be leaving. How many are at risk and help you better see and analyze your subscriber count movements over time. 

Subscriber Churn Prediction for the next month
Using data of thousands of streamers we've built an advanced AI model that predicts how likely is each of your individual subscribers not to renew their subscription. StreamBee then gives you an estimate number of current subscribers who are likely to churn.

Use this number to understand how many NEW subscribers will you need to earn next month in order to keep your current subscriber count (or better yet) increase it.

Your subscriber count over time
- StreamBee has built an unique visualization using the "waterfall chart" to help you see gains & losses in your total subscriber count each month. 

How healthy is your Subscribers base?
- Based on type: Standard subscribers are must more stable compared to the Prime subs and Gifted subs.
- Based on follow-age: Subscribers who have been following your for over 100+ days are far more likely to stay subscribed.
- Based on sub length: Subscribers with over 6+ cumulative period are far more likely to stay subscribed.

What portion of your subscriptions are recurring?
- A quick visual breakdown of types of your currently active Twitch subscriptions


Now, there's a couple more different features!

5) Monetization Tab in the last stream section 🧑‍🔬

This analytics dashboard is packed with information that will allow you to get insights about what happened in your last stream. 

- How many subs did you get
- What types of subscriptions
- How many were resubs / new subs
- Leaderboard of top supporters
- Content breakdown in case you streamed more than 1 game/segment
- And anything else you might need


6) Professional features 💼

⬇️ Download / Export data as .CSV
- One click to download a .csv file of any chart in StreamBee.
- Make custom reports, play with your data in Excel or send them to your business partners. 

🤝 Grant access to your Manager/Editor
- Invite your employee, mod, friend or manager to get full access to your data.- They can smoothly they switch in between browsing their own data and your data at any point.  


Okay that's it. But if you're reading this today, you might have potentially noticed some of the other new features! More updates coming soon.