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New Email Report, Growth tab & Hours watched

1 year ago

1) Introducing the hottest Twitch Email! 🔥📧🔥

We just launched the most useful email report for Twitch streamers! 🎉

What's inside? 
Just enough information to keep you up to date on an average day, when you don't have time for a deep dive 🤿 yet far more than other other email report available for streamers today! ⚖️

📈 Viewers Today 🆚 your Average 🆚 on Mondays
👋 New Viewers  vs 💕 Your Old Viewers
🐸 Top 3 Emotes
💬 Total Chat Messages
🥷 Lurkers vs  👅 Active Chatters
🎬 Top Clips
...and some more!

PS: You can always opt-out or opt-in to receive this email in your Account Management -> Preferences 🔛📴


2) Introducing the Growth Tab aka Creator Dashboard v2! 🧰

This should help you better understand who you are as a creator, what size of community do you hold on each of your platforms and show you how your views stack up across all of the platforms. 📚

Track your growth across:

💜 Twitch followers & views
🐦 Twitter followers & impressions
▶️ YouTube subscribers & views
TikTok followers & views
📸 Instagram followers & views
🐷 Discord server members

Head over to the Growth tab and connect all your socials if you haven't done so yet, and watch those weekly/monthly gains! 


3) Hours Watched! 📊

Last but not least, launching the Hours Watched chart in What to Stream 🎮

You can now compare:
Time Streamed
👀 Hours Watched
🙌 Followers Gained

...when choosing which game to double down on!


More stuff coming soon!
Make sure to join our Discord server to chat with the team, report any bugs or request new features!  👋