New features

Android App & Streamer Toolkit...

1 year ago

1) Meet StreamBee Android App 🤖/📱

✨Available now for free on the Google Play Store - just search for "StreamBee - Twitch Analytics"


2) Introducing Streamer Toolkit! 🧰

The most complex curated list of Streaming Equipment and Creator Tools:

🤯 Featuring over 520 links
🤯 1 list of Tools & 1 list of Equipment
🤯 All hand-picked by our team
🤯 Continuously updated

You can find the Streamer Toolkit at the bottom of the Side Menu.


3) What Time to Stream with Filters! ⏲️

✨ Find out the best time to stream, now using only significant data thanks to advanced filters.  


4) More UI enhancements to What to Stream 🎮

The UI now scales according to how many games are displayed. Just a nice touch!


5) Other smol enhancements: 🤏

- Side menu icons are now smaller (as new items are coming in 2023 👀)

- There are some new animations

- We now group the emote data in case you have the same emote enabled for BTTV / FFZ / 7TV 


6) About the chat data...  ☠️☠️☠️

This month, we've been experiencing some issues with tracking your chat and emotes. This was caused by some server-related issues. We're very sorry about this! 💛   

As of today, we believe this should now be resolved. Let us know if you see any suspicious data for your new streams. 


7) Is there an iPhone app too? 🍏

Kinda! We don't have a native iOS app available. But you can download our PWA app, which works exactly as you would expect. Installing takes about a minute following:… (right click, open link in a new tab)