New features

Advanced Filters, What to Stream v1.1, Deleting streams & more

1 year ago

1) Advanced Filters! 🚀

✨ Only show games you've streamed for X hours

✨ Only show days on which you've streamed X times

✨ Only show stream lengths you've tried X times

✨ Hide empty days in What Day to Stream

Make better decisions on What to stream or When to stream


 2)  Enhancements to What to Stream 🖼️

✨ Discover which games brought you the most growth - now even more conveniently!

New hover effect + Improved layout

✨ Support for more games

✨ Plus, a few more enhancements coming soon!  


 3) Streams Recorded metric in How Long to Stream 😯

✨ "Streams recorded" will help you understand how long you usually stream

✨ You see the impact of shorter/longer streams on your followers and concurrent viewer count  


 4) Delete a Stream 🗑️❌ 

✨ Did you have a really bad stream? Maybe you were just testing something, or the data looks wrong?

✨ You can now delete that ugly stream messing up your long-term data and insights!

WARNING: The deletion is 😱 permanent 😱  


 5) New mobile navigation 📱



 6)  Other changes 🍯

✨ We now update the list of chat bots (excluded from your chat analytics) daily.

✨ The hover tooltips of all charts are now 27% better.

✨ If the loading screen takes too long, we now show you a log-out button that magically fixes it. 


Do you have any feedback or suggestions? 💛

Let us know on our Discord server. And as always, all your feedback is greatly appreciated!