New features May 9, 2022

Chat engagement, Time Slot, QoL, ...

1 year ago

1) Added some new Chat engagement metrics

  • break down your audience based on how many chat messages they sent.

🙌 10+ messages Active Chatters

🙂 1 message chatters

😶 0 message Lurkers


2) Added another chart to Time Slot analytics

- Compare your viewer count from the last 10 streams on the same weekday e.g. - Monday.


3) Switch between the absolute and relative display of data in the Creator Dashboard.

Absolute = Each platform (line) is scaled individually

Relative = Each platform (line) is scaled on the same axis


4) Quality of life updates:

  • When connected Discord, we now validate all invite links for an expiration date and only accept permanent invites.
  • Added a new actionable tip for streamers with frequent connectivity issues inviting them to enable Disconnect protection on Twitch.


Posted May 9, 2022